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Google Bard AI: Connecting to Your Google Apps and Services Instantly

Google Bard AI is an advanced artificial intelligence tool that revolutionizes content creation, offering unparalleled efficiency and creativity.

Google AI Bard, a collaboration experiment with generative AI, offers tailored responses to meet your specific needs. It can create travel plans, write online listings, and explain scientific concepts.

Now, Bard is improving its customization capabilities, making it easier for you to bring your ideas to life.

Google is introducing Bard’s most advanced model yet, seamlessly integrating with Google apps and services for even more helpful responses.

The “Google it” feature has been enhanced to verify Bard’s answers, and its capabilities have expanded to cover more areas.

Connect to Google’s services and applications

A person is holding up a phone with the Google Band logo on it, showcasing AI technology.

A person is holding up a phone with the Google logo on it, showcasing Google Bard AI technology.

Introducing Bard extensions in English, a groundbreaking way to engage and collaborate with Bard like never before! Bard seamlessly integrates with your favorite Google tools, eliminating the hassle of switching between apps to find information.

Imagine planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, typically involving multiple tabs and searches. With Bard Extensions, simply ask Bard to work its magic.

It will gather suitable dates from your Gmail, fetch real-time flight and hotel details, provide Google Maps directions to the airport, and show captivating YouTube videos of things to do at your destination. All of this within a single conversation!

Gone are the days of tedious back-and-forth between platforms. Bard extensions revolutionize information access, making your life easier and more efficient. Experience the future of interaction with Bard Extensions in English.

Looking for a new job? Let Bard find your resume and summarize it into a short personal statement. Collaborate with Bard to perfect your cover letter and land your dream job.

Privacy is a top concern, so Google takes protecting your personal information seriously. When using Workspace extensions with Bard, your content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive is completely safe.

Google does not use it for ads or model training. You have control over privacy settings and can turn off extensions anytime.

Simple double-checking of responses and development of mutual conversations

Two people browsing a web page on a purple background using Google AI.

Two people browsing a web page on a purple background using Google Bard AI.

Take fact-checking to the next level with Bard’s new “Google it” button. Verify Bard’s answers by clicking on the “G” icon, which scans the web for supporting or contradicting information. Click on highlighted phrases to learn more.

Join conversations with Bard by clicking on public links and ask more questions or use it as a starting point for your own ideas. Let’s get chatting!

More locations where you can access features

Exciting news! Google is expanding access to some popular English language features in Bard. Now you can upload images with Lens, get search images in responses, and modify Bard’s responses in over 40 languages.

Bard aims to be accessible to everyone, regardless of language preference. Take your conversations to the next level!

Try out our most competent model to date

Take your creativity to the next level with Bard’s latest updates. The PaLM 2 model has undergone upgrades, making it more capable than ever.

With cutting-edge reinforcement learning techniques, Bard is now more intuitive and imaginative. Collaborate on creative projects, switch between languages seamlessly, or get coding assistance with greater quality and accuracy.

Try out the latest features at today!


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