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New Features and Languages Added to Bard in More Than 40 Countries

The world now has more opportunities because of Bard’s largest growth to date.

👋 Exciting news! The world now has more opportunities because of Bard’s largest growth to date. Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, and Spanish are just a few of the more than 40 languages in which you can now communicate with Bard.

They are also happy to report that Bard is now accessible in more locations, including Brazil and much of Europe.

The goal with Bard has always been to stimulate your interest, stimulate your imagination, and help you realize your ideas.

It’s not only about providing answers; it’s also about giving you the means to build on those answers and create something truly remarkable.

Bard is adding new features that enable greater personalization and increase productivity to improve your experience even further. The following is what to expect:

a smartphone displaying the Google Bard AI logo.

a smartphone displaying the Google Bard AI logo.

1. Language Expansion:

With Bard, you can now collaborate in different languages, making it easier than ever to communicate and express yourself. Whether you’re speaking Arabic, Mandarin, German, Hindi, or Spanish, Bard has got you covered.


2. Customized Responses:

Google bard aware that each person has their own personal tastes and style. They have added choices so you can change Bard’s tone and style to fit yours. Depending on what best matches your needs, you can choose from basic, long, short, professional, or casual responses. English is the only language at this time, additional languages will be added soon.

3.  Boosted Productivity:

Bard wants to help you get more done, so they’ve introduced four new features to enhance your productivity

The Google AI bard logo.

The Google AI bard logo.

  •  Pin and Rename Conversations: Never lose track of important prompts again. You can now pin and rename conversations, allowing you to easily revisit them whenever you need to. Perfect for comparing outdoor sports for the summer or any other topic you want to delve back into.
  • Export code to more locations: Bard is still generating interest in coding activities. So, in addition to Google Colab, Bard introducing a new functionality today that lets you export Python code to Replit. More than 40 languages are currently available for this service.
  • Share with Friends: Sharing is caring, right? Bard now makes it easier than ever to share your chat conversations with others. Simply use shareable links to spread your ideas and creations to your network.
  • Use Images in Prompts: All know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, in addition to words, you can also upload images to Bard.
  • Whether you need help analyzing an image or brainstorming a caption, Bard and Google Lens have got your back.

So, the following time you get an idea, try Bard. Along with finding the resources you need to make your idea a reality, you can also come upon an entirely novel idea. Happy creating! 🚀🌟


Source: Google
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