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AI Startups Accelerator Program Launches in Europe and Israel

AI startups is a revolutionary approach to technology that prioritizes artificial intelligence as the foundation for all digital solutions.

The most effective tool for startups in tackling the largest problems facing the globe is artificial intelligence.

Top AI startups all over the world are leveraging AI to unlock their potential, from driving postwar economic recovery to combating climate change and empowering underrepresented founders.

By doing this, they are opening up new possibilities that might significantly enhance the lives of billions of people while also promoting economic growth.

Google collaborates with AI startups to make AI even more beneficial for people and communities worldwide.

To support founders in responsibly building their businesses with AI and machine learning, Google introduces the Startup Accelerator. AI First program specifically for eligible companies based in Europe and Israel.

A collection of business startup icons featuring a rocket and a man holding a laptop, representing the top AI startups.

A collection of business startup icons featuring a rocket and a man holding a laptop, representing the top AI startups.

In partnership with Google Cloud, this program offers 10 weeks of hands-on mentorship and technical project support to startups that utilize AI in their core service or product.

Additionally, it provides assistance in product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development for founders.

Along with other professionals from Google Cloud and Google DeepMind like Yariv Adan (Lead for Cloud Conversational AI), James Rosenthal (Director of Startups & AI, Google Cloud), and Adrian Poole (Director of Digital Natives, Google Cloud), they will personally work with the participants throughout the program to provide AI best practices.

Even after graduation, continue to support these companies through the Google for Startups alumni network.


Applications for the Accelerator

AI First programs are open until July 30th, and the program will commence in September. Encourage eligible startups in Europe and Israel to apply and discover more about the incredible founders in the Google for best AI Startups network who are driving innovation with AI.

Source: Google
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